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Traditional bar

High –gloss English Bar

This high-end English bar is made of the highest-quality cherry wood. The design was based on the features of old-world English architecture. The top of the bar, as well as the countertop behind it, is finished in high-gloss clear polyester. This kind of finish provides a very thick and hard surface, which looks great while being able to serve as a work area. The dark finish was custom-developed in order to obtain the look of an authentic English pub. The corbels were also designed to match the character of the overall interior. Other features of this luxurious millwork is the coffered ceiling, with multiple recessed lights, wine racks, thick glass shelves, and the entire front of the bar.

The quarter-round shelves, located on both sides of the television, are a unique feature meant to display precious and valued exhibits. The light fixtures which are dedicated to these shelves are able to shine through their surface because of a glass insert embedded within them. The cabinets beneath the countertop incorporate a storage space and appliances like a microwave oven, an ice maker, and a beverage center.

traditional bar